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FOX Business
Dec 12, 2012 9:20am EST
: but this is a historic reversal. look i've been in america 40 years and started out in san francisco 40 years ago and back in those days, there was always a net migration into california, significant numbers. california gained tens of millions of people over my time in america, but that just recently has been completely reversed. now there's a net leaving of people. and that's historic in america, that's historic. >> it is historic. it is historic because you come here, as i said for the weather, but that's it anymore and there's no promise of a future. don't promise that you're going to be able to put down your stake and really do something with it. look at the head of facebook, one of the partners left not only the state of california, left the united states of america because of the taxes going on in this state and in the united states of america itself. so, again, there's no incentive to stay in the state because you were so punished, if in fact you do have the state. if you're a young couple trying to raise a family into the public school system and the public school system is in the tank an
FOX Business
Dec 4, 2012 9:20am EST
in tattoos. check out the arms of new san francisco 49ers quarterback. now that ink is the source of controversy. here's a quote from a controversial column: stuart: whitley was attacked on the internet over that story. he joins us now from orlando. sir, welcome to the program. you are a controversial guy, aren't you? really stirring it up there, r. whitley. >> that wasn't my intent. i just have always looked at tattoos as sort of an odd thing to put on your body. stuart: i agree with you. i'm 100% with you. i don't like tattoos. don't want my kids to have tattoos. donald trump doesn't like his five or six kids to have tattoos. we're with you. but i want to know why were you called a racist because you made the statement about tattoos on a quarterback? >> well, i think had i do it all over again, i started the column about making a line about san quentin and how the inmates there have tattoos, just to point out that your average tattoo person does not have exactly the best reputation in society. so people associated prison tattoos the whole thing with the quarterback as if i was
FOX Business
Dec 26, 2012 9:20am EST
expected. you are seeing strength in areas such as san francisco, detroit and phoenix, you are seeing growth there. some experts are saying that the housing recovery we're seeing here is gathering strength. people are starting to believe in the recovery little by little. david: still have a long way to go, though. nicole: right. david: improving a little bit. thank you very much. federal subsidies for wind power are set to expire in a couple of days, december 31st. extending them for one more year would cost 12 billion dollars. this according to the joint committee on taxation, which is a pretty neutral committee. so company, when they went into effect 20 years ago, even the congressman who pushed for them said they should expire, said they should be sunseted and they are nowhere near that happening now. adam: if you believe that the government has a role to help new technology get a foot in the door, then the foot's been in the door for a long time and they keep slamming it on us. david: you bring up a point. the reason why the door keeps getting slammed although the door to the subs
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3